Kevin, Stephanie, Neal and EliMy wife often asks me that question, “Just what is it, exactly, that you do?” I think, in her defense, for the longest time I wasn’t even sure “what I do”. I have determined, over the years, that there are really only several things that really matter and are worth doing. First, love God with all my heart, soul, mind and body. Next, love and treat others the way I want to be loved and treated. Third, be the best husband and father I can be to the most incredible wife and kids a man could have. I think a valid argument could be made that those are all fairly equal as far as importance goes. I mean really, if I keep those things as my priorities in life, how can I go wrong? So, what I do is try to live out each of those three things. That’s it. Yeah, I fail as much as anyone, maybe more. But it’s much harder to lose sight of what’s important and it’s much easier to get back up when you fall when you put the important things first.

As far as “what I do” to make money and pay bills and support my family, well, that’s probably what my wife is referring to when she asks that question. And to answer that, I would say this: I consult with clients and help them develop and implement strategies that maximize the effectiveness of their web presence by integrating social networking with their web site, their hub. We also provide IT consulting, service and support for customers using Apple Macintosh computers. I do all this with a business in which I am a co-owner, Digital Design Solutions. You can check us out online at Digital Design Solutions.

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