3 Steps to Using a Win or Learn Reflection to Improve Performance

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In 2022, I participated in Heroic Coach, a scientifically validated 300-day training and certification program to help people become the best version of themselves. My long-term goal was to use this training and certification to coach others, helping them become their best, most heroic selves. You can read my story in this previous post, Every Hero Has An Origin Story, for more insight as you read this.

Last month (May 2024) I took another step on this journey. I was invited to go to Austin, Texas to participate in training for the first group of Certified Heroic Workshop Instructors. As part of Heroic’s mission to help 51% of the world’s population flourish by the year 2051, they are training people not only to be Coaches but also to be Workshop Instructors trained to deliver world-class workshops to people and organizations within their local communities. Having local leaders is one part of the larger plan to accomplish this mission.

Going through the training was the first step in becoming certified as an instructor/facilitator for Heroic. The next step is to conduct two workshops with at least two participants and have them complete a post-workshop survey form. I then submit the forms to Heroic. Once they receive and review the forms, I will become a Certified Heroic Workshop Instructor and will be able to continue delivering workshops to teams and organizations.

Another post-workshop requirement is to use the Win or Learn tool from the Heroic Coach program to reflect on the workshop. Watch this to get an idea of how it works.

I thought I’d share how I used it to reflect on my first workshop. Below is my Win or Learn Reflection on completing my first workshop.

Heroic Workshop #1 – WIN OR LEARN


Be sure to capture moments of you giving your best effort, any moments of success you experienced (successful executions, appreciations or celebrations you received, etc.), as well as any areas in which you created progress.

  • I had more participants than I was expecting, so that was exciting.
  • All the feedback was positive. The ratings were all 10s.
  • I was prepared with ample supplies and I had a simple slide deck with the section topics showing for participants and presenter’s notes showing for me that worked well, overall.
  • I feel like I helped several people connect the dots and make progress on becoming more confident and being able to use past successes as fuel for future challenges or goals.


Quickly capture these moments without dwelling on them. Consider running them through a quick “Needs Work” replay.

  • The scheduling conflict caused a little bit of a challenge
  • Not being prepared for people showing up late
  • Better command of the material without having to refer to my notes so much
  • Time management with the timers app wasn’t as smooth as I was hoping it would be


What changes can you make immediately to spiral up and do even better going forward?

  • Rehearse, or practice, presenting/teaching at least one section every day.

Your Turn

The benefits of using this tool should be obvious. It prompts you to celebrate things that went well, identify the things that need work, and then define an action you can take to improve going forward. So, here’s your opportunity. Use the Win or Learn tool to reflect on a recent, or upcoming, activity or event. Be sure to add this new targeted action for improvement to your daily habits and then commit to doing it.

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