My wife, wonderful woman that she is, often times is asked, “What does your husband do?” She sometimes likes to play it off like she doesn’t really know or can’t really explain it, but she has a pretty good idea. I play on the internet, trying out new services and technologies, and talk to people about why some of these new services and technologies matter, or should matter, to them as individuals and also to their businesses. If they get it, I then consult with them on developing and implementing a strategy, leveraging the internet and the web, to grow their influence and reach more people with their message. Whatever that message might be. Whether it’s a small business selling a product or a service, or a church sharing the good news, or a non-profit trying to connect with donors or supporters everyone needs a strategy that helps them maximize the impact of their message with as many people as they can reach. That’s pretty much it. However, through the medium of the internet and the world wide web, it is possible to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime. The “interwebs” are also providing an unprecedented opportunity for democracy to evolve and flourish in parts of the world once thought impossible. We truly are living in exciting times.

If you aren’t familiar with TED, let me encourage you to get on iTunes and subscribe to the podcast. Lot’s of great thinkers sharing lots of great ideas. I recently watched this talk given by Clay Shirkey titled How Social Media Can Make History and thought, T”this guy gets it and lays it out in such a way that helps others understand it.” Take a few minutes, if you can, and watch this.

Any questions or comments? Did this make you think about how you can use social media in your business? If you need any assistance or would like some help, contact us over at Digital Design Solutions.

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