TonyMorganLive.comWhat would happen if we put less attention on organizing relationships and more attention on giving people something to organize around? For example, what if we focused on serving opportunities? Would people naturally gather around those initiatives to serve others? What if we focused on the content we were generating to help people better understand the Bible and its application to our daily lives? Would people naturally organize around that content for conversations together? And what if we embraced social networking to encourage people to find their own friends…like they’re already doing? Would people initiate their own relational connections? 

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Excellent questions by Tony Morgan over at his blog. Questions that hopefully get folks thinking about church and how we do it. And hopefully thinking about how we can do it better.

I like the direction he’s headed with these questions and I like challenging the status quo. I think there are quite a few churches that are leading the way in this regard, but I truly believe we are just scratching the surface of a radical change that is taking place in how church and organized religion is practice in this country. What do you think?

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