So I’m sure most husbands have had the awkward task of going into the store to retrieve feminine hygiene products for their wife at some point in the relationship. And I’m sure, like me, at some point they’ve all felt that feeling of embarrassment and uncertainty while standing in the aisle, trying to make sure the right product is purchased. Large? Small? Wings? No wings? Thin? Wide? Extra absorbent? Way too many options.

Of course, there’s always a positive in everything. With years of experience now under my belt, I am pretty confident, even nonchalant when asked to venture down that aisle. So, apparently the last time my wife picked up feminine products for herself, she got the wrong kind. After relating this tidbit of info to me, I told her that’s what she gets for doing a husband’s job. 😉 I asked her if she needed me to take care of it for her. She smiled and said, “Sure!”

While performing my husbandly duty this evening, I flashed back to some of those early moments of embarrassment and uncertainty. As I did, though, I genuinely felt warmth and love for my wife. I would do anything for her. She is my life, my breath, my everything. I love having her in my life and I love her more than words can say. I’m glad I have the privilege and honor to be her husband and get her pads. Ultra-thin. Wings. Love you, Sweetie!!

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