Gone With the WindMy wife loves Gone With the Wind. I think most “GRITS” do. For those not in the know, apparently that’s what they call an acronym and it stands for “Girls Raised in the South”. This year is the 70th anniversary of the opening of the film and to commemorate, the fabulous Fox Theater here in Atlanta is having a special showing of the film. I haven’t told Steph about it yet, but I’ve gotten tickets and am going to surprise her with a romantic gesture. I know. Some of you are wondering how she’ll be surprised if I’m posting it here, but I’m having a little fun as she very rarely reads the ole blog here. She pretty much sticks to Facebook and all the updates she can get there. And if she does surprise me and read it here, then “Surprise, honey!!” I look forward to a fun time with you watching your favorite movie.

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