“US consumers are making an inexorable transition to an all-digital, Internet-powered world,” Forrester Research’s Principal Analyst, Charles S. Golvin, said as part of the announcement. “The Internet pervades all aspects of Americans’ lives, from how we shop and buy, how we communicate, how we entertain ourselves, and how we seek out information to how we manage our personal relationships.”

“While today these digital activities are constrained to the home and the office, in the next several years consumers will increasingly rely on a ubiquitous Net that is instantaneously accessible on a wide variety of devices, from mobile phones to laptops to new form factors such as eReaders.”

via According to a survey released this week by Forrester Research, Americans are embracing technology like never before. : Dealerscope.

Is this you? Are you finding yourself amongst the many that are making the transition to an “all-digital, Internet-powered world”? If so, leave me a comment telling my how you’re making the transition and what you think about it. Is this a good thing? If you’re not in this group, then you might not be reading this. 😉 But if you are reading this, and you’re not in this group, or if you think this is bad, leave me a comment with your thoughts as well.

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