SAN DIEGO — A local pastor and his wife claim they were interrogated by a San Diego County official, who then threatened them with escalating fines if they continued to hold bible studies in their home, 10News reported.

via Couple: County Trying To Stop Home Bible Studies – San Diego News Story – KGTV San Diego.

Flag of the USSRDid I wake up 30 years ago in the Soviet Union? Is this still America? What in the world is going on here? If you read the whole story, something most definitely ain’t right. While on the surface this appears to be a case of the State interfering with the right of an individual to practice their religious beliefs in the privacy of their own home, don’t miss the forest. If the government can come and tell you that you can’t have a bible study in your own home, they certainly will be able to tell you that you can’t have a regular poker night. You won’t be able to have a movie night or a regular tailgate party during football season. You can’t host home owner’s meetings if they meet on a regular basis. Or can you? If you read the article, note the line of questioning by the county official to the couple hosting the bible study.

Attorney Dean Broyles of The Western Center For Law & Policy was shocked with what happened to the pastor and his wife.

Broyles said, “The county asked, ‘Do you have a regular meeting in your home?’ She said, ‘Yes.’ ‘Do you say amen?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Do you pray?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Do you say praise the Lord?’ ‘Yes.'”

The county employee notified the couple that the small Bible study, with an average of 15 people attending, was in violation of County regulations, according to Broyles.

via Couple: County Trying To Stop Home Bible Studies – San Diego News Story – KGTV San Diego.

What specifically is it about having a bible study with 15 or more people that is problematic for the county? What exactly is the ordinance, code or law that is in place? Why is it in place? This may be about more than the state just infringing on religious freedoms, but it certainly does seem to have that slant based on the specific questions asked by the official.

Does this concern anybody out there?

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