What’s In A Name

Puppy made it through the night. Took her out this morning a little before 7:00. She took care of business immediately, looked up at me as if to say, “Pick me up, take me inside. It’s FREEZING out here!” Good girl. The boys settled on a...

Future Quarterback

Neal tossing the pigskin pretty well at the fall festival this past weekend. I created and posted this entire blog post using only my iPhone. Captured the video with the built in camera. Typed up the text here and uploaded the movie using the WordPress iPhone app....
A New Christmas Tradition – Christmas Closet Cleanout

A New Christmas Tradition – Christmas Closet Cleanout

Like many people, we have our Christmas traditions. When and where we do Santa pictures, getting together with family, milk and cookies for Santa that came from Bill Rhodes Bakery, where my wife works. I’m sure you get the idea and can think of plenty of your own. We wanted to make sure that we really instilled in our boys a sense of what Christmas should really be about, so last year we started the Christmas Closet Cleanout.